15th October 2018
CCS adopters Mark and Deb talk about their boys in National Adoption Week

CCS adopters Mark and Deb talk about their boys in National Adoption Week

In National Adoption Week 2018 First4Adoption interviews CCS Adopters Mark and Deb about their experience of adopting their two boys, the rewards it has brought them and the crucial question of whether or not they would do it again.

And about their experience of choosing and working with CCS Adoption. As an adopted adult Mark drew extra insights from the training process that can inform the parenting of their boys.

Getting to know their child

One of the many “best bits” about being an adoptive parent

But would they do it again?!

And feeling like you belong together as a family…

Many thanks to First 4 Adoption for filming and Mark and Deb for sharing their story.

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