17th October 2017
National Adoption Week 2017 Brothers and Sisters

National Adoption Week 2017 Brothers and Sisters

In the South West, 57% of the children who are waiting for families do so with at least one brother or sister, yet 87% of adopters in the South West only want to adopt one child.* Currently only 13% want up to 2 children and there are no adopters approved for 3 or 4 children.  However, there are 3 sibling groups of 3 in the South West waiting for families…

It’s a situation that means, unless more prospective adopters can be found for these children, they may well be split up, losing even more than they already have in their young lives. National Adoption Week this year focuses on the need for more adopters, particularly adopters for brothers and sisters.#SupportAdoption.

CCS Adoption, based in Bristol, is a voluntary adoption agency that works alongside local authorities and specialises in finding families for children who need them, particularly groups of brothers and sisters, but also children over 4, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) children and children with additional needs.

Over many years we have successfully placed more than one child at a time with new parents – often two, sometimes three and occasionally four children at once. It’s by no means an easy thing for the adoptive parents – or indeed the children – but as the majority of adopters would agree, it’s a path they are very happy to have taken, for all its challenges.

If you want to explore adoption as a possible route to parenthood then come along to one of our forthcoming Drop In sessions on November 2nd or November 4th(for prospective LGBT adopters), or to our screening of the film Lion with Adoption Q&A at Watershed in Bristol on Saturday 21st October.

*Figures from Adoption Match

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