11th February 2020
Writing Competition Winners – Nikkita

Writing Competition Winners – Nikkita

In Autumn 2019 we held a writing competition for adopted young people on the theme This Is Me. We had some wonderful entries that were judged by our team and Miles Chambers, Bristol’s first poet laureate. Over the coming few weeks, we will be publishing the winners so do watch this space and read them all.


My friend

“Adoption is my friend.

She helped me when my birth parents couldn’t.

Adoption comes hand in hand with unconditional love and difference.

Some can’t comprehend and give out hate.

My parents got to choose me isn’t that fate?

I stand out in the crowd like a beautiful star.

It was hard work battling the past but worth the scars.

So much richer than a whole lot of cars.

What makes you and what makes me?

Places, people, experiences we see.

I have a deep rooted family tree,

that from day one have nurtured me.

So why can’t adoption be your friend too,

open up and don’t define me by my shades of blue

I don’t do that when I look at you.

Families come in all shapes and forms

and each one has their vicious storms

so really what is the norm?

We are all worthy too,

so what, if Adoption helped us see that through?”


By Nikkita, aged 15.

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