30th July 2019
CCS Adopters Forum

CCS Adopters Forum

The CCS Adopters Forum is an exciting new voluntary venture that will bring together a group of experienced adopters willing to share what they have learned as adoptive parents. We will be asking what has worked, what hasn’t and how we can improve our adoption practice and the adoption experience of others.

We welcome people from all backgrounds so that we can learn from a range of personal experiences. Meeting four times a year with CCS staff who are also adoptive parents, our first topic will be Education, and then members will agree on future topics for example health, teenagers, etc.

The adopter forum will aim to improve the adoption experience for all, so we encourage adopters needing personal guidance and support to join our Mums’ or Dads’ support groups.

If you have over two years of experience as an adoptive parent and want to know more about the adopter forum, please contact adoption workers Frances Barker or Jane Thompson at 0117 935 0005 or advice@ccsadoption.org.

First Meeting

Thursday 3rd October, from 6 to 7.30 pm at 162 Pennywell Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0TX.

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