7th March 2018
Proposed merger of The Centre and CCS Adoption

Proposed merger of The Centre and CCS Adoption

“The Centre For Adoption Support and Education” and “Clifton Children’s Society” currently operate as two separate registered charities. It is proposed that the two charities will merge as of 1st April 2018.  As a result, the services currently delivered by The Centre will in the future be delivered by Clifton Children’s Society. However, The Centre’s website, branding and identity as a Centre of Excellence for Adoption Support will be retained, and service delivery and accessibility to adoptive families will continue to be our priority as before.

In consultation with the Charity Commission and the Board of Trustees, a Due Diligence exercise is being undertaken.

The expected benefits of a merger are a reduction of duplication of work, concerning financial accounts, OFSTED inspections, and trustee meetings, consistency of staffing, terms and conditions, clarity about the relationship of the two services for external stakeholders and financial stability for The Centre.

If any service users of either current charity wish to provide comments or feedback please email us at admin@ccsadoption.org.

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