Pain, Poo, Smells & Sensations

Pain, Poo, Smells & Sensations

This free, online webinar for adopters from Carly Kingswood is appropriate for all ages of adopted children who express their needs through embodied behaviours. This might include unusual food habits, issues related to retaining or ‘sharing’ faeces, hygiene issues and many more. It will acknowledge the role of eating disorders but won’t attempt to cover this in detail as it warrants its own webinar. We will look at the What, Why and How to Respond to all things yucky. The second half of the webinar will look at some real case studies and there will be a chance to bring your own family issues to the Q&A.

This webinar from Carly Kingswood is available to all adoptive families with any agency.


Carly Kingswood is a DDP Therapist and Trauma Training consultant. Since 2010 she has worked as a therapist with adopted and fostered children and their families, specialising in work on attachment and trauma. This work has included supporting and advising adoptive and foster parents in understanding the effects of trauma and attachment disorder on their children, how to read the messages behind their children’s behaviour and help them find creative ways to respond. She is passionate about empowering parents and carers to connect with their children and heal their emotional pain through the relationship they have with them. She is a member of The Fostering Network & BAAF and an associate member of BACP.


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18th Jan 2022


10:00 - 12:00




Carly Kingswood


Carly Kingswood

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