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SWAC is committed to running 3 Adoption Exchanges in each financial year. Children will be profiled from the SWAC RAAs and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The aim is to widen the choice for the prospective adoptive families attending and for the children. Prospective adopters from across all the SWAC agencies are invited to attend too. These are opportunities for them to:

— Find out more about some of the children waiting to be matched in the South West;

— Meet and build relationships with family finding social workers;

— Meet other prospective adopters.

“As a single adopter, Sylvia wasn’t getting past the first hurdle of even being able to enquire about a great number of children, even this little boy’s profile stated a two-parent family only. However, having met Sylvia at the Adoption Exchange day, the Local Authority felt confident to consider her. Thank you so much SWAC, it’s a great match which simply would not have happened without the Exchange. The SWAC Adoption Exchanges have been invaluable in her adoption journey.” – Sylvia’s social worker

Adoption Exchange Days can be exciting for prospective adopters, as they might find information about their future child or children, but they can also be emotional and overwhelming. The children being featured may not fit the profile of the child or children they have thought about adopting, but it’s still worth coming and taking the time to talk to the children’s social workers.

— 1st July 2024

— 4th November 2024

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