Anyone looking to adopt can choose to enquire through their local authority, a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA), or a Voluntary Adoption Agency (VAA) like CCS Adoption.

Voluntary adoption agencies are independent, not-for-profit organisations which are smaller than most statutory agencies and find families for children from across the country. Read more about the differences here.

CCS Adoption is also a children’s charity as is The Centre for Adoption Support and Education, our adoption support service.


Hear five adopters, including CCS Adopter Zoe, talk about why they chose a Voluntary Adoption Agency for their adoption journey and how it has been for them.

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"It's been absolutely amazing. It's the best thing that has ever happened in my life." Zoe

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Annemarie and Bill

"You can make such an amazing difference to a child's life. Don't underestimate the difference that you can make." Bill

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Tom and Amy

"We looked around at a few different agencies, both local authority and voluntary agencies but it was from the voluntary agency that we got that sense of personalised support and interest in us...they were just solely focused on making the best match they could for both the children and also for us" Tom

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"As we looked more and more into adoption what we realised is that we wanted a family and not a baby... the idea of creating families rather than finding placements for children I think creates a different kind of atmosphere." Rhi

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Kevin and Deb

Kevin and Deb adopted sisters. Deb was in her fifties and Kevin was in his sixties."When you are working with a VAA you are working with people who befriend you; someone who is interested in you as a couple, making sure that you are matched with the right children and that the right children are going to be matched with you." Kevin

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